Hello $USER,

We are writing a combined email to you from Aktivix, Tachanka! and Network23 to ask for some money.

First, though, we’d like to thank you for using our services and therefore helping to build and support the tools for activists that we provide. Thanks to your support, our collectives were able to live through an amazingly eventful, busy and successful year. However, like other radical tech collectives, we need to pay for regular costs such as bandwidth and electricity, and replace faulty equipment or upgrade it to improve our capacity. Sadly, this requires money.

Currently, we need at least £300 (US $500) per month just to keep things running. We could meet this figure if there were 30 people who each contributed £10 per month (US $15), or 60 people each contributing £5 per month. If we got more than this, we could upgrade and expand the services we provide to our users.

You can help by making a one time donation or, even better, setting up a monthly standing order:

Bank: The Cooperative Bank
Account no: 65322561
Sort code: 08-92-99
IBAN: GB36 CPBK 0892 9965 3225 61

If you are in North America, you can donate directly to Mayfirst/PeopleLink (one of the groups we collaborate with internationally):

Please also let us know by emailing us! We love to receive PGP-encrypted email – our keys are available on public keyservers and our fingerprints are listed below.

In solidarity,

The Network23, Tachanka! and AktiviX collectives
PGP fingerprint: C97A BFD3 B8F7 C6FB 48BF D681 4701 9FC6 CB31 097C

PGP fingerprint: ED02 DA4D F6CD EB08 81C1 4504 64BF E970 A454 BF76

i really don’t understand why the text is lost. but if you click on edit you will see it, promise.
would be great if some one could fix that but i can’t.


crazy crabgrass :)


It’s too long ! Can we link out to some of this info ?


i agree… i think it can be saved for a second email out (as bou suggested in her email).


ok, shortened it a bit more – the formatting is crap (!) but i think it’s down to essentials now (could maybe even be cut a bit more??)


I’ve done a fair bit to the first paragraph making it a bit more cheeky! Hope you guys concur. I’ve also included suggested amounts to see what they look like in the text. I think we need to get straight to the point myself: we need YOUR money, for THIS and we suggest you give us THIS much. Anyway, see what you think, delete as applicable ;) I still think we could reduce the breakdown section to something that just summarises the cost in the main text. I’ve added a paragraph there, and perhaps we could link out to the web for more details?

I wonder also if giving the breakdown is really useful, and whether we’re revealing our hand too much? Ideally we want to have the cash resources to be able to replace and upgrade existing equipment and services, and obtain new. When you think about it £300/month sounds little for a large network, but obviously a large responsability for few people.

On Riseup’s donate page – – they don’t mention any figures or the breakdown. They also suggest $5-$15 a month, and 1% for organisations.

I think perhaps we don’t need to be so ‘honest’ about it. If people a chuffed with what they get from us, and they have a bit of spare cash, and they probably already agree with the cause and philosophy, I think they’ll be happy to contribute. I would be. We shouldn’t feel guilty about asking for money and we shouldn’t over justify the reasons, nor should we undersell ourselves, raising just enough to keep ourselves afloat, but not enough to be able to move forward in the future.



sorry, i reverted it (mostly). i have to say that i think the cheeky text is not a good idea, as the audience is quite international, not just uk-based activists, and i fear a lot of it would be lost by people who do not have english as a first language.

i do agree with your comments about honesty, tho ;-)

one suggestion (previously) was that we send out a short email first, then follow up a few weeks later with a longer, more detailed email

having ‘break-outs’ to resources on the web is a good idea too – but as long as it’s not an html formatted mail: i hate them!! (although i suspect i might be in a minority there ;-)


As adelayde wrote: “I think we need to get straight to the point: we need YOUR money, for THIS and we suggest you give us THIS much.”

So I edited the text down to about half size without loosing any essential information we want to convey, and correcting lots of mistakes. I don’t think we have lots of users who are interested in knowing the details of our technical setup or the brakedown of our costs. They know we work for them, work for free(dom), and paying costs. They just want to know that we need help and where to send the money. :P

However, I would add 3 “highlights” or “successes” in the first paragraph, or a second paragraph after the first. 1 sentence from each collective that mentions 1 concrete thing they did that they are proud of and which users think is wortwhile activity.

For example for Tachanka! it could be “Tachanka! replaced an old server acquired in the wake of the Ahimsa seizure with a shiny new one in order to service more users including the restoration of”


I also agree with the idea of sending a short mail and following up with a longer one with more news, but I think that in this mail we need to mention at least 1 thing from each collective that gives the user the impression that we did more than sitting around in our dens listening to the hub of the machines. :)


i believe that this key, as it is on keyservers, is expired:

PGP fingerprint: C97A BFD3 B8F7 C6FB 48BF D681 4701 9FC6 CB31 097C

see this log:


so, there were last edits last sunday. is it now ready?


yes, it is ready, and should be going out whenever people have a chance to send it (i think bone_idol was going to identify a list of $users for it to be sent to from aktivix and n23).