Top 5 Dangerous Addictions in Life

All forms of addictions are dangerous and affect the quality of life that one leads. But some types pose a bigger threat not just to the addicted but to their families and the society at large. So, what are some of these dangerous addictions? Why are they considered the worst?

Addiction: the basics

Addictions are irresistible habitual behaviors that compel an individual to do something. As a result, this induces some form of pleasure or relaxation. These addictions or habits become chronic over time until they become etched in one’s life. Consequently, the addicted person feels like they can’t do without these habits.
The addictions range from simple things like playing a console game to more serious things like abusing substances. As mentioned above, although all addictions have a negative effect on one’s life, some impacts can be far-reaching. Here is a look at some of these serious addictions and the implications they have in one’s life.

Gambling addiction

Although gambling at Zodiac casino games NZ is a good pastime or a profession for some, it has a dark side, which consumes millions of people across the globe. Usually, all casinos are committed to responsible gaming. Gambling addiction is defined as an urge to bet money out of frustration or in a bid to chase losses. It is one of the most dangerous forms of addictions in the world.
Millions of people across the world are hooked on compulsive gambling and the numbers are getting worse by the day. In the UK, for instance, the number of addicts and people at risk of gambling addiction has crossed the 2 million mark. This is a general representation of how Europe is rife with gambling. It is not any different in the United States where more than 2.5% of the population is estimated to be struggling with some form of a gambling problem.
Gambling causes emotional distress to the addicts, has negative financial impacts on the victim and their family, and is a leading cause of suicide. It is therefore important for people to report any cases of gambling problems to the relevant bodies as soon as possible. There, they can get the necessary help before the consequences come biting back.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol is seen by many as the perfect method of relaxing after a hard day or week. Unfortunately, some people drink too much alcohol and end up hooked on the thrill that comes with drinking. Finally, they find it hard to quit.
Alcohol addiction results in financial problems, social problems caused by moral decadence, and more importantly, serious health complications. It is estimated that more than 185,000 people succumb to alcohol-related problems every year and millions more are left with depression and other serious mental disorders.
If the urge to down a glass of beer or a shot of vodka is becoming a problem, then talk to a professional as soon as possible and get the help that you need before things go south.
Substance abuse
Besides alcohol, there are other hard drugs that people use, which leads to serious addictions. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, account for more than a third of all the addictions in the world.
These drugs will literally take away joy from your life and make you drowsy, sick and willing more just to keep the high going. They will make you use up your savings, start selling your assets to get enough money to finance your habit, and even take loans just to stay high. The health effects are disastrous and they cause millions of deaths every year.

Painkiller addiction

Painkillers are designed to suppress pain symptoms while awaiting to get a proper diagnosis from a physician. But some people have developed an addiction to these painkillers and can’t kick it out.
Prescription drugs like opioids, Oxycontin, Vicodin are abused by people all over the world. Addiction to them can result in bankruptcy as these painkillers are very expensive over the counter, drug resistance as the painkillers no longer play their intended role, and even deaths through overdoses.
Unless you have been given a prescription by a doctor, you should not abuse a painkiller. If you start developing an addiction to these painkillers, seek professional help as soon as possible before things go out of control.

Compulsive eating

Some people are addicted to eating and it kills hundreds of thousands every year. We all can’t do without food but some people have developed a compulsive disorder, which makes them overeat. These people often eat junk food, which leads to obesity, heart issues and other lifestyle diseases.
People with such addictions spend much money on food and get stressed out if they don’t have enough food to eat. Over time, they develop weight problems and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Without proper medical and professional help, food addictions turn fatal.


Too much of anything is dangerous. You should never let your love for something turn into an obsessive habit — be it drinking alcohol, playing casino games, smoking cigarettes, using social media, eating food or even sex.
If you don’t proceed with moderation, you might fall into the bottomless abyss of addiction, which will cost you a lot of money, time and effort to treat. If you start experiencing symptoms of compulsive behavior, report it to your doctor or any other medical professional. They will refer you to the expert to help you deal with your problem before it gets too late.