Call out : Thousands of Cancuns for climate justice!

L'appel de La via Campesina pour le prochain sommet de l'ONU sur le climat

La Vía Campesina
International Farmers Movement

The people create thousands of solutions to confront climate change!
Thousands of Cancuns for climate justice!

La Via Campesina calls on social movements
and all people to mobilize around the world

Social movements from around the world are mobilizing for the 16th
Conference of the Parties (COP 16) of the United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that will take place in Cancun
from 29 November to 10 December 2010.
The COP 15 in Copenhagen demonstrated governments’ incapacity to tackle
the root causes of the current climate chaos. At the very last moment, the
US undemocratically pushed through the so called “Copenhagen accord”, in
an attempt to move the debate out of the UN and the Kyoto promises and to
favor even more voluntarily free market solutions.

The climate negotiations have turned into a huge market place.
Developed countries, historically responsible for most of the greenhouse gas
emissions are inventing all possible tricks to avoid reducing their own
emissions. For example, the “Clean Development Mechanism” (CDM) under
the Kyoto protocol allows countries to continue polluting and consuming as
usual, while paying low prices supposedly so that developing countries
reduce their emissions. What actually occurs is that companies profit doubly:
to contaminate and to sell false solutions.
Monsanto tries to convince us that monoculture plantations of its GMO
Roundup Ready soybeans qualify for carbon credits because they contribute
to the reduction of greenhouse gases that heat the planet by accumulating
organic matter in the soil. Communities living nearby soy monoculture
plantations are a living example of the mortal and destructive effects of these
monocultures. Similar false arguments are used to sell carbon credits based
on forest monocultures, agrofuel crops, or industrial animal production.
Many governments of developing countries, attracted by the potential profits,
are betting on these false solutions and refusing to implement measures that
effectively confront climate change, such as supporting sustainable peasant
agriculture, orienting production towards internal markets, establishing
effective energy saving policies for industry, etc.

We demand the application of thousands of people’s
solutions to climate change
It is now time for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate
Change (UNFCCC) to embark on resolute policies to contribute to solve the
climate chaos. Countries need to take strong and binding commitments to
radically cut gas emissions and radically change their mode of production and

Climate change also is worsening the migration crisis. The droughts,
the terrible floods caused by severe storms, water contamination,
soil erosion and degradation, as well as other destructive impacts of the
neoliberal environmental disaster, are bringing about the displacement of
thousands of people, mainly women and ruined farmers, from their rural
communities and forcing them towards the cities and the North in a
desperate search for the means of survival for them and their families. It is
estimated that 50 million people have been forced to migrate due to the
effects of climate change. These “climate displaced people” have come to
swell the ranks of the more than 200 million human beings, according to the
International Organization for Migration (IOM), that today represent the
worse crisis of migration that humanity has faced.

Solutions do exist. More than 35,000 people gathered in Cochabamba,
Bolivia at the People Conference on Climate Change and for the Rights of
Mother Earth broadening new visions and proposals to save the planet. These
thousands of solutions coming from the people effectively confront the
climate crisis.
We demand that the UNFCCC endorse the Cochabamba People’s Agreement
proposals and to reject all false solutions being cooked up for the moment.

Among them:

Defend land and forest rights: The REDD + initiative (Reducing Emissions
from Deforestation and Degradation) should be rejected. Protecting forests
and reforesting degraded forests is an obligation of all governments that
should be implemented without limiting the autonomy, the rights or the
control of indigenous and peasant peoples over the land and their territories,
and without serving as an excuse so that other countries and corporations
continue contaminating and planting tree monocultures. Territorial and
cultural rights of indigenous and peasant peoples should be explicitly
recognized in any climate accord.

Reject geoengineering: Large-scale proposals to deliberately alter the
climate, such as biochar; genetically modified plants to supposedly increase
reflectivity and resistance to drought, heat and salt; the fertilization of the
ocean or the massive creation of clouds, only create new unmanageable
problems, they are not solutions. Geoengineering is only one example of how
transnational companies are willing to play with the future of the planet and
humanity in order to create new sources profit.

Reject all carbon trading schemes and Clean Development
Mechanisms (CDM):
Carbon trading has proven extremely lucrative in
terms of generating investor dividends, but has completely failed in reducing
greenhouse gas. In the new invented “carbon market” the price of carbon
keeps dropping to rock bottom, which encourages further pollution. All
carbon emissions should be reduced from the source, rather than allowing
payment for the right to pollute.

Reject any participation of the World Bank in the management of funds
and policies related to climate change.

We need millions and millions of peasant communities and
indigenous territories to feed humanity and cool the planet.

Scientific research shows that peasant and indigenous peoples could reduce
current global emissions to 75% by increasing biodiversity, recuperating soil
organic matter, replacing industrial meat production with small-scale
diversified food production, expanding local markets, halting deforestation
and practicing integrated forest management.
Peasant agriculture not only contribute positively to the carbon balance of
the planet, it also gives employment to 2.8 billion people, women and men
around the world, and it remains the best way to combat hunger,
malnutrition and the current food crisis.
The right to land and the reclaiming for territories, food sovereignty, access
to water as a common good and a human right, the right to use, conserve
and exchange seeds, the de-concentration and promotion of local markets,
are the indispensable conditions so that peasant and indigenous peoples
continue feeding the world and cooling the planet.

Join us to organize thousands of Cancuns!

Together with diverse organizations we will set up in Cancun, during the
dates of the COP 16, the Alternative Global Forum “For life, and
environmental and social justice”, which will unite the force and
resistance of peasant peoples of the world, who are already cooling the

We call on social movements, popular organizations and all people of the
world to organize on December 7, 2010, thousands of protests and
actions to reject the false and market-based solutions. We declare
ourselves in permanent mobilization until we defeat the big market
negotiations in Cancun in December.

Peasants are cooling down the planet!
Globalize the struggle!
Globalize hope!


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