2/8/11 Meeting Notes

Notes from Membership Communication Committee Meeting 2/8/11
Notetaker: Laura Anglim

Update on Simply Living Space discussion

there will be a meeting Sat Feb 12th to discuss ideas for the space & decide the next steps towards making a proposal to the board
the board asked for staff input & they were supportive of using it in some way for membership communication as well as an idea for providing space to members who want to sell crafts

Login Agreements

the proposed agreement was passed at the BOT meeting with the addition of a statement that states they have read the policy register
there was some confusion about the part stating ‘policy of the membership communication committee’ because we did not have a clearly stated policy in response
we will not add additional policy language to the agreement, but this wording refers to the committee policy document which Genelle will be putting together
this is not something that login agreement adherents need to read, but we will be able to use it as a committee as we make decisions about communication within the market community
Jason & Genelle will be keeping track of login agreements
the committee chair will keep hard copies (Genelle)
private information will be blacked out & then copies of agreements will be posted on crabgrass

all people who had previous access & logins to market communication media were asked to sign the agreement by Feb 8th, however, not everyone did

Different ideas proposed to handle this situation:

we cut off their access, and if they want to continue using the logins they will get in touch with us
we will give a week to contact these people and ask them to sign again & assure they are aware of the new agreement
concern about people’s feelings & morale at the market if we cut off access immediately especially for employees that might already feel undervalued
concern that we already made contact with these people & they had ample time to turn in the agreement & so if they really want to be involved in market communciations they can take the steps to reactivate their logins once more
it was decided that Beth will contact Kevin about his access & find out who is the owner of the facebook group
Caroline, Robb & Chuck’s access will be suspended until their agreements are turned in

(Caroline is aware & has an agreement to sign, Jason had talked with Chuck already so he is aware of the deadline, Beth will talk with Robb)


Drupal has a newsletter module if we use it in the future
there has been an interest resurgence in the newsletter!
Jenny has volunteered to do the layout, has many years of experience with newsletters & has a cheap printer we could use to make hard copies if we want
Beth & Greg will be co-editor & point people for at least this first issue
a crabgrass group will be started for the newsletter group
suggested to be flexible with the newsletter & put it together as we have enough material, not set strict guidelines for frequency or content ‘a newsletter series’
we will have a contest for the newsletter name this month before our next committee meeting & people can come to that meeting if they want to vote on the name
We will put out a call for newsletter volunteers (ideas for roles include: calendar of events, images & art, local food & farming info, employee spotlight, etc)
Laura will put info up at the market about the contest & volunteer callout
ideas for first issue are an article on the Board’s vision for the market this year & a report on the Jim Anderson event > Steve Wolfson will do this

Market Logo

started preliminary discussion on this, and we will revisit it at the next meeting

Website Content & Twitter

Jason is the only one updating these right now
Beth signed a login agreement and will be helping with both

Informal member gatherings/potlucks

tabled until next meeting, Beth will contact Clintonville Community Resource center

Drupal Proposal

Beth will have an update for the next meeting

Beth will faciliate the next meeting

Action Items:

Call CRC about hosting Monthly Member Potlucks. Contact is Bill Owens, phone number is (614) 268-3539.
Claim the co-op business on Google Maps, follow through on the process.
Draft proposal on Crabgrass to BOT on moving to Drupal.
Help with Twitter and website updates.
Co-editor of newsletter with Greg.
Contact Robb about login agreement.

Steve Wolfson:
Attend and write up something on the Jim Anderson event.

Help keep track of login agreements, help Genelle get agreements on Crabgrass.

Get the Newsletter name contest in place and put out a call for more newsletter volunteers.

Co-editor of newsletter with Beth.

Write first draft of committee policy document
Help keep track of login agreements, get them onto Crabgrass.


Laura- thanks! I just added an Action Items section and a couple minor adjustments. :) Will post to the website right now.