Board Report 2/22/11

MCC Board Report

Facilitated Member meeting about the old Simply Living bookstore space. Many of the ideas hinted at a need to rethink the design of the store as a whole. Even though that is beyond the scope of the question we started with, it is worth exploring.

Have login agreements for everyone with a login except Shannon who has a Facebook login. Need to contact her.

Working on a Policy Document to keep updated as time passes and needs change.

Updated website, Facebook, and Twitter with news about the new space in the store.

Transitioned almost seamlessly from Kevin and Judith updating Facebook to Beth, Shannon, and Genelle updating it.

Newletter co-editors are Beth Binkovitz and Greg Pace. They will be working together on piecing together the first newsletter. Laura is putting together a newsletter name contest.

Attached to this, was the idea that the co-op logo be redesigned, but it was pointed out that this was attempted in the past and some really professional designs were presented but no decision was ever made regarding this. The Committee would ask if there’s enough interest in revisiting the logo design for us to proceed with digging up the old design ideas, opening the floor for other ideas, etc. in anticipation of somehow adopting a new logo?

Twitter is now being updated by Beth and Jason.

We are continuing to keep track of who has an email account and the purposes of various email accounts.


I’m going to add this, as is, to the packet that I distribute to BoT members. If there are changes to this document after this comment, please bring them up during the BoT meeting.