Draft Proposal for SL Space

Proposal to Board of Trustees for Use of the Former Simply Living Space

After meeting as a committee and discussing the topic of this newly available space at the market, the Member Communication Committee would like to propose that member communications and education be included as the new design takes form.

We feel as a committee that having a permanent and easily accessible place in the market for communication is critical to building an informed and involved membership. The market is the physical core of our activity as a cooperative and as such having a reliable place there specifically dedicated to member-owners would help create a greater sense of connection to the market. This is especially important for those member-owners who are not active via digital media communication.

This space could serve as a place for the different committees to share information about their activities as well as be an education library on topics related to cooperative workplaces & organization. It already has an informal communication board & market calendar, which could be further developed to foster ongoing membership dialogue.

This committee recognizes there have been many suggestions made regarding the plans for this space and we fully value considering and pursuing these; however, we would like to encourage the Board of Trustees to integrate membership communication and education in addition to any other decided uses.


Please edit/question/suggest etc … ! I think if a few of us weigh in here, this could be ready to present at the BOT meeting next Tuesday ? What do you all think?


I think this is good as written. Thanks for writing it and sharing it here! I’m in favor of having this presented to the Board.


I think this is ready to go as is. Yay!


Great! I will be at the meeting on Tuesday, so I could read this proposal as part of our general report to the board. Genelle are you going to be at the meeting and if not were you going to write up a report once more for the meeting?


I started a report just now… sorry, I only just now saw this. I’m printing my list of stuff to cover, and this is on it. I’m printing everything so we can have it there.