Jan. 11th Draft Agenda

  • Process: Are we all agreed on using a consensus process? How can we make our meetings more inclusive and organized?
  • Login agreement: Some BoT members suggested creating two agreements, one for member communications and another for business marketing communications. Is this feasible?
  • Social Networking: Any volunteers to help with Twitter? Also, should we join any other social networks, like Foursquare?
  • Website content: What kinds of member communications stuff should we put on the main page? Typically, this has been sales and marketing
  • Meeting Notices: Who can help get meeting notices for the Member Communications Committee up? (in the display case, on the member forum, Facebook, Twitter) Jason has offered to do Twitter. When should they be put up/sent out?
  • Newsletter: What is the current state of volunteers to begin a newsletter? Do we have enough people and energy?
  • Objectives: Can we define the main purpose and tasks of this committee?
  • Member communication at the market : how to best organize messages between indoor/outdoor spaces, possibly make recommendation for old Simply Living bookstore space.