Report to the Board

The committee will be asked to report to the Board tonight at the Board meeting. We've been really busy, but how to summarize it??

The Member Communications Committee has met twice since its creation. A summary of its work follows:

Gained access to domain name, website, Facebook, Twitter. Began regular Twitter updates. Facebook continues to be updated by Kevin and Judith Brooks for sales information and by Genelle Denzin for meeting announcements. The website has been updated by Jason Denzin and Genelle Denzin and Judith Brooks and Chuck Lynd. A new feature in Wordpress allows all edits to be logged so all editors can see what has been done when and by whom.

A Login Agreement was drafted and agreed on at our Committee meeting, but has not been implemented as yet because there is a question around whether or not non-members should have access to the website/Facebook/Twitter. This would directly affect Kevin as he is updating Facebook and is not a member of the co-op. The purpose of the Login Agreement is to keep track of who has logins, their contact info, their membership status, and what level of access they have. It also binds each user to follow the guidelines of the Policy Register and to stay within whatever agreements are made within the Member Communications Committee.

Created as a central intake point for customer emails.

Proposed and began work on a project aimed at keeping all email addresses within reach of the co-op so that no personal email addresses are being used for co-op business. This project is still in process.

Updated binder in the store with all the meeting minutes back through 2009.

Set up a space in the store where members can submit board meeting agenda items and/or notices for the display case.

Continued to keep display case updated.

Agreed that meetings would fall on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm at the co-op unless the needs of the group dictate a change to that.

Utilized Crabgrass to organize our committee business in the interest of transparency. We recognize that the site is not as user-friendly as it could be and hope to rectify this soon with trainings/ skill shares. In the meantime if anyone needs help with using it they are welcome to call or email Genelle or Jason for help.

Discussed starting back up the newsletter and what that would look like. Unsure of the future of this project as upon asking for interested members to be known, we only received one response. Will discuss more at next committee meeting.

Next steps are to further explore the idea of the newsletter, agree to a stated objective of the committee, implement the Login Agreement and the email addresses project. Also think of a good way of increasing use and understanding of Crabgrass.


Looks good. That’s a lot of work for the committee’s first month.


We need someone to read it at the meeting… Steve? Laura? John? Karen? Jason? I won’t be able to make it- childcare fell through. I’ll miss seeing everyone!


Looks great, Genelle! Thank you! I’m so sorry you can’t be there tonight! I have printed off the report and will see if Laura or Steve or someone (perhaps Jason, if that doesn’t feel too burdensome with minutes-taking…?) will read. Thank you for putting this together. Your work is impressive!


I called Laura and she’s going to read it at the meeting. :) yay