How to Come Out as Trans to Your Partner

Although trans individuals are more accepted these days than in the past, coming out can still be difficult. This is especially true when coming out to a partner.

Whether you’re coming out to someone you’ve been with for a while as you’ve grown more comfortable with how you really feel or you’re coming out to someone you’ve recently started dating, the thought of expressing who you truly are can be both liberating and frightening. Of course, if you’ve met someone on a MtF dating app, you’re less likely to face certain challenges associated with coming out, but the situation can still cause anxiety.

Below are some thoughts on how to come out as trans to your partner:

Get a Feel for Your Partner’s Attitudes

Before coming out, it’s often best to get a feel for your partner’s attitudes. If you already know that your partner is not accepting of trans individuals, this can change how you approach the subject. If, on the other hand, you’ve met someone on a MtF dating app, you’re more likely to already know how the conversation will go.

Be Understanding of Hesitancy

Just as you want your feelings to be validated, understand that your partner may have some hesitancy in embracing your identity. This can be particularly true in situations where you’ve been with someone for a while and have represented yourself as one gender.

While you might have known your true feelings all along, your expression of these feelings can come as a shock to your partner as they may have been unaware. Catching someone off-guard and expecting them to make a decision about the future on the spot is unfair.

Time Your Conversation Properly

Because coming out as trans to a partner is a big deal, time your conversation properly. Meeting your partner’s family for the first time during a big holiday meal? Probably not the best time to come out as trans.

Instead, wait for an opportunity or make an opportunity to sit down and talk in private. Timing your conversation can have a big impact on how things will go in the end.

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