A global union against the platform economy is born

Organizations from the USA, Spain, France and the UK are organized in the Transnational Workers Network to "create a united front at the international level against the Gig Economy " Through an online conference, entitled Global Digital Workers Conference , with participants from more than five countries, the Transnational Workers Network (TWN) or in Spanish the Transnational Workers Network (RTT), an international organization to defend the rights of workers, was presented. platform workers and taxi drivers. The initiative aims to organize and connect more organizations, unions and workers of this type of companies or sectors that are affected by the irruption of the technology giants and the deregulation processes that allow the growth of transnational companies through the figure of false self-employed. “These disruptive applications enter a country and try to change the established laws to impose their business model. A model based on the precariousness of the State and on emptying the coffers of the State based on not paying taxes, ”explained Tito Álvarez, spokesman and coordinator of Taxi Project 2.0 , one of the organizations that have promoted this global union since the Spanish state. In addition to the taxi platform, the RidersxDerechos, an organized group of distributors from companies such as Glovo or Deliveroo, Collectif des Livreurs Autonomes de Paris (CLAP), Mobile Workers Alliance (MWA) or the American union Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which has more than 90,000 members and defends the labor rights of drivers and riders in the United States and Canada. As explained by the participants in the conference, they intend that this union of workers be able to organize themselves in a joint way to define an action strategy and prepare proposals for structuring labor rights. In summary, according to Sonia Abellán, member of the organization, the objective is that the people affected by these practices "can have a tool to defend their rights" and "stand up to these large companies in the Gig economy through a cohesive platform and with the same strategy ”