Anyone who is looking for a remote jobShould consider the advantages and disadvantages As well as consider oneself as suitable for their own characteristics and work

Advantages Save time and travel expenses For those who work far away from home Used to be bored having to get up early Allow some time to travel? And then, until reaching the destination, must overcome the traffic jam Crowds of people in public transport Until it may cause the body to become exhausted Because there was only a few hours of rest, had to wake up early, hurry to work again Including traveling expenses per month, which is not less money at all But if you can work at home or anywhere There will be no time and travel problems. No need to hurry to get up early to get the exact time card in and out. The hours spent on traveling are then used to relax or create work instead. Met a new environment When you don't have any workplace restrictions It is not necessary to work at the same place all the time. May schedule work that in one week will change at least 2 workplaces to find a new environment, not monotonous. Also, to go out and open your eyes a bit Sitting in a café or co-working space may give you new ideas. More than being in the same environment repeatedly every day. Sometimes you may make new friends Or business connections from working off-site Reduce stress Working society is not just about work, we learn only We still need to learn how to live with colleagues as "being as". It is an important skill for everyone, not inferior to other knowledge. Sometimes you have to act with your ears and ears. Put some effort In order not to be in trouble So it's no wonder that one of the reasons that talented employees Resigned because of dramas at work, such as dividing the party, dividing them Politics at work Senior system is great Which does not mean that every office has a drama But getting out to work outside Makes you not involved in any conflicts The chance of creating a drama is very small. Disadvantages Not feeling attached to the organization O When you choose to work as a remote work most of the time you work alone. Causing you to lack interaction with colleagues Lack of teamwork skills Because there is no exchange of opinions Or not receiving attention from colleagues Like when working at the office When colleagues are stressed about work The leader or others may help us immediately and encourage us. In addition, working remotely makes no sense "in" with the corporate culture. Because you may not often participate in activities with the company Which is another reason for remote workers Tend to feel lonely and lonely Communication barriers True, technology makes it easier for us to send and receive jobs. But don't forget that communication through letters Without talking to each other in the face May cause misunderstandings Compared to working in the office where we use body language Fully explained Helps to ensure that both the speaker and the audience understand the same. Especially if you work with foreigners May have obstacles in language and work culture Therefore, face to face communication is still necessary. In addition, the nature of the remote work involves time differences. In the event that you and the company work in different countries Give a simple example When you send an urgent email to the boss at another country