Cisco Firewall Specialist

The Cisco FirepowerTM Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is Cisco's first all-in-one firewall focused on threat protection, while older NGFWs are primarily application control. With a focus on fighting threats Cisco helps organizations Manage and reduce risk better Imagine that older NGFWs did the job of protecting the "home" by protecting windows and doors. Cisco's approach is to identify, detect and prevent burglars that may enter homes. No matter what method the thief tries to enter the house ngfw-graphic-square Cisco is also introducing the Security Segmentation Service, an advisory service that helps organizations build security controls that improve compliance. Limit violation Threat detection Content protection And prevention of data loss It covers the entire IT infrastructure. The products and services aim to protect against aggressive and resilient threats from increasingly complex cyberattacks. Firepower NGFW differentiates with its focus on threat prevention. Older NGFWs continue to focus on supporting and controlling applications. Which limits their ability to protect against a wide range of threats in today's business environment. But Cisco takes a different approach. Cisco empowers customers to enable easy management and flexible protection updates. Covering from client devices to networks All the way to the cloud In addition to applications Including identifying and stopping threats Both known and unknown Cisco's Firepower NGFW is the industry's first firewall that connects contextual information about how users connect to applications. By leveraging insights into threats and policy enforcement The audit capability at this level across the entire business environment accelerates threat detection and response. And improve protection even further Cisco's NGFW also builds automation and refines security measures. To quickly strengthen defenses Based on their ability to detect vulnerabilities, resources, and threats, the advanced comprehensive security capabilities provide unparalleled protection that a spot-based solution cannot provide. Firepower NGFW integrates control systems with attack detection and response. To support business expansion The new Cisco Firepower ™ NGFW improves speed. Simplicity And efficiency in detecting and responding to attacks It combines stateful firewall technology and industry-leading threat protection into one solution. This threat-based service offers a greater level of protection than application monitoring and control. It consists of a future generation anti-detection system. (Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System), Advanced Malware Protection, and URL filtering based on historical data.