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That internal data theft is at the forefront of Cybersecurity problems today, is not something that surprises us. Experience tells us that the lack of budget for hiring a well-trained Cybersecurity professional profile is hindering organizations' possibilities to defend against these attacks. According to data from the CNN (National Cryptological Center), attached to the CNI, by the end of 2016, there will have been 40% more cyber attacks compared to the previous year, in which 18,232 incidents were registered on the Internet, of which 430 had a very high or critical danger . As can be seen in the previous graph, the total number of computer security incidents have grown practically exponentially in the last 7 years in Spain, highlighting that the data shown only refers to the cyber attacks registered by the CNN-CERT, and may be These higher values, since not all companies make public and report that they have been victims of attacks, for fear of the consequences that this may bring them in the face of the trust of their customers and users. Based on this, and despite the fact that Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for both large and medium-sized corporations, as well as small companies and Internet users, it is more than demonstrated that even the average user does not Cybersecurity worries too much, in fact there are studies that affirm that up to 33%Internet users do not pay any attention to the security level of a web page and its environment. This fact is worrying since Spain is the third European country with the highest percentage of attacks. Despite these data, which are not very encouraging, it is true that companies are increasingly aware of the need to safeguard the security of their information and the vulnerabilities they face in the face of cyberattacks, a fact that has led to growing demand, from approximately 2014, of computer security professionals, who are capable of addressing different professional profiles according to experience, knowledge and level of responsibility.

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