computer service technician jobs 2020 August

Although at first glance it seems that companies need any ajťák, there are professions that are more desirable and often three times as much paid as others. The biggest bite for companies in general is developers. The developer creates software using programming languages. "Developer positions account for 40.8 percent of total demand in the IT job market. The most popular technologies include PHP, Android and Java, "adds Michal Rost. According to him, no student will be fooled if he focuses on web technologies, mobile platforms and business solutions. Net salary calculator for 2019 On average, they earn around 50,000 gross a month, but that does not mean that their salary cannot be doubled. "Salaries are higher especially in Prague," says Jan Silber, one of the founders of the job portal. On average, a similar amount is charged to IT analysts who work closely with developers. "They take care of the company's information system, or the client's information system, thoroughly analyze processes, look for the most advantageous solutions and make suggestions for improvement," explains Jan Silber. According to the data of the job portal, the positions of IT architect and product manager are among the best paid professions. The average salary in this position is 78 thousand gross. The scope of work of an architect is usually so broad and different in many companies that it is difficult to describe it in general. Its role is important both in the construction and in the operation of the systems themselves. In contrast, the product manager is a purely managerial position, responsible for moving the project forward. "People in leadership positions will, of course, get the highest salaries, with the exception of six-figure amounts," Silber said. He pays the least to the trustees Even in information technology, there are positions that, although they still do well in terms of pay and reach at least the Czech average, nevertheless do not stand out from other fields. These include webmasters, computer network administrators and service technicians. "In short, people who make sure everything runs as it should. They eliminate minor faults themselves and keep everything running, ”explains Jan Silber. Although they are less paid in the field of IT, they are compensated by the great demand for their work. They often do so "outside the main work", so they can get interesting amounts.