Differences between an architect and an engineer

Many times the work of an architect is more valued than that of an engineer. This is because the first one sees both the exterior and the distribution of the space. An architect is the professional in charge of projecting, designing, directing the construction and maintenance of buildings, developments, cities and structures of various types. His art is based on reflecting on concepts of living under social needs. For his part, the engineer is the one who uses his knowledge and applied scientific techniques; solve problems or optimize solutions that directly affect people. In general, they have a greater knowledge of mathematics and physics, theoretically and practically, although it also depends a lot on their area of ​​specialization. An architect is engaged in planning a construction project. Obviously only a part, since it is impossible for a single person to cover the entire process: photos, design, materials and planimetry. The architect as a general figure is a building designer. Obviously, you must know many aspects before starting to project: hardness of materials, resistance to temperature, reactions of structures, among others. Engineering is a much broader field. Engineers are dedicated to that: “engineering” solutions, which can range from architectural structures to mobile phone design. There are Roads, Aerospace, Mechanics, Electrical, Industrial, Industrial Design (which is not the same), Telecommunications, they all have something in common and that is that they must know Physics, which acts as the union, to a lesser or greater extent. among all engineering.