This employment will be responsible for spooling and banding electrical power interface utilized on Electrical Centrifugal Pumps systems in encouraged effort and strategy with foundation master and mechanical assembly directors. Principal Responsibilities: Taking a gander at interface things and rigging by type/brand/model and constant number according to particular going with documentation; Preparing non-similitude acts if any abnormalities are distinguished; Diverting of ground electrical equipment of electrical spiral siphons; Giving a preventive upkeep of ground power equipment of electrical outspread siphons; Driving of electrical assessments; Devastating and foundation of electrical outspread guides with multisection submarine electric motors; Pre-start game plan of ground power equipment with all models of control stations, control stations with repeat converters and control stations with valve electric motors; Wrecking and foundation of control stations and power transformers Formation of joins on connect lines; Affirmation of arranging during cutting and enlargement of the connection line at the well;