How to Become a Computer Technician?

To graduate from the field of training on computer programming in vocational high schools, Graduating from the Computer Engineering Department of the universities, Taking advantage of special education programs. What Does a Computer Technician Do? Installing computer hardware, Operating and repairing equipment, To make the right planning and select the appropriate hardware in order to prevent overlap of the hardware units On computer systems, monitor, printer, fax, mouse etc. connecting and operating hardware components, To take security measures to ensure network security correctly, To establish a network connection between computers and data centers, Introducing computers to the system on the network and making them available, Installing computer parts such as memory, motherboard, harddisk, video card, floppy drive and cd to the computer, controlling them and changing them when necessary, Checking and replenishing printers' toner and cartridges, Checking the internet connection settings, Maintenance and repair on the automation system.