What are the different types of computer programming degrees?

Most computer programming degrees are based on the area in which a programmer chooses to focus their studies or on the time needed to receive the diploma. While many schools offer computer or computer science (IT) programs, there are also schools with more specific programs in computer programming and software engineering. Just like other types of degrees, there are also various levels of degrees offered, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as postgraduate degrees. In addition to the computer programming titles available, there are also a number of certifications that can be pursued by programmers for further training and specialization. Computer programming degrees are typically awarded by a college or university, although some technical schools also offer full-degree programs. There are several subjects in which a computer programmer can choose to concentrate and receive a degree, such as computer science or IT. Degrees in computer programming can also be pursued in some schools, which can better prepare a student for the specific needs and requirements of a career in code writing and programming. Outside of the computer programming degrees awarded to graduate in computer science, students can also focus on other subjects as main and continue programming as minors.