what do computer technicians do

According to Wikipedia, technical support is an area that provides assistance to users when they have any problem using a product or service, be it the hardware or software of a computer, an Internet server, peripherals, or any other equipment or device. It is the service provided to companies or people seeking solutions to faults, whether physical (hardware) or logical (software), and is provided by specialized computer or maintenance personnel from the so-called technicians. Types of technical support: Technical support by phone Technical support via chat Technical support via personal technical assistance Technical support via remote assistance Some areas covered: PC repair Wired / wifi networks Data backup Installations and configurations And these areas in turn can be broken down into the following services: software Installation and update of operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.) Configuration and customization of the operating system Installation of drivers and hardware related applications Installation of various programs (Office, Photoshop, Corel, Autocad, etc.) Installation of antivirus software Antispyware software installation Antimalware software installation Installation of security programs Installation of PC maintenance software Uninstall programs and / or update Preventive diagnosis