what does a cloud architect do?

What skills are essential for a cloud architect? Flexibility and a desire to learn A cloud architect must be able to work in a wide variety of settings and be open to knowing the unique requirements of each project. No two projects or clients are alike, so continuous learning and a willingness to experiment can help both novice and experienced cloud architects provide the best guidance for their organization. Any journey could start very soon looking for new services and features, as well as checking out reliable blogs and discussion boards. With a curious attitude, cloud architects can be better equipped to identify new approaches to problem solving. Time management Professionals in cloud architecture must possess solid time management skills. Their days are varied and can include meeting with clients to address problems and needs, and designing architectural frameworks for those needs. There is no typical day: They can hold meetings, travel to attend face-to-face meetings with a client, write scripts, work on migrations, keep up to date with new features through online training or solve problems. Therefore, cloud architects are aware of the importance of planning their days, prioritizing their time on tasks, and understanding how to maximize small spaces of time.