What does a computer technician do?

The technical courses are mid - level courses that aim to impart knowledge to the student, as well as theoretical and practical, in various activities of the productive sector. One of the advantages of this type of professionalization is the immediate entry into the job market. To take a technical course, it is necessary to have completed elementary school. So, classes can be taken while in high school or after. But, remembering that to receive the technical diploma, it is necessary to have completed high school. There are at least 185 possibilities for technical courses. Among these, one can mention the computer technician . Find out now what the professional in the field does, about the course, salary, positive and negative points. What does a computer technician do? The computer technician is responsible for: Assembly and maintenance of computers; Detect and correct problems on computers; Install and configure networks and software; Develop systems and websites; Organize database; Computer graphics projects.