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Heathens Organized Around Radical Defense of Diversity

Heathens fostering diversity, tolerance, and unity, by helping and protecting those in need.

We are an Earth centered spiritual society of like minded pagans and heathens. We operate world wide, with membership and support all over the globe, though we are nested in the Pacific northwest region of the north American continent, a place we have come to know as Cascadia.
We are here to counter the hate and bigotry that is rising around us, while working to build a world where all people can communicate and work together peacefully, regardless of culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, self expression, economic status, abilities, or skin color.
We seek balance and harmony with this planet and all other life therein. We believe in strength through diversity. Mother Earth is home to a great diversity of life, ecosystems, and cultures, and we will protect this diversity, in all its forms, through any means necessary.

We make this pledge to further affirm our goals, to keep us focused and on target, and as a constant reminder of who we are.
Pledge to our mother~ We will work within our communities to elevate, support, and protect people who have been beat down and marginalized by discriminatory and bigoted politics, rhetoric, practices, and violence. We will work to build strong, resilient, connected, cooperative, and integrated communities. We will work closely with the Indigenous people of this land to build bridges and mend cultural wounds. Centering and elevating the voices and needs of the first nations while working towards their vision of decolonization. To become good stewards of the land, to help restore and preserve the natural balance and health of our ecosystems.

We seek peace first in every interaction.
Violence is always a last resort.

The purpose of the HOARDD;
To create a safe and welcoming community for all like minded radical, earth centered spiritualists, pagans, and heathens.
To expose, and protect people from; racism, racial extremism, ultra nationalism, fascism, sexism, hatred, bigotry, and bullying.
To reclaim and revive ancient practices, symbols, and lore, and to protect these from destructive, hateful appropriation, and misrepresentation.
To reach out to communities around us, building bridges, fostering diversity and tolerance, centering and elevating the voices and needs of the most marginalized and vulnerable people.
To fight for justice, taking action, and educating those around us to trigger a shift of consciousness, and bring about a more just, balanced, and egalitarian world.
To create a stronger, more cooperative, and resilient society.
To seek out new information, and elevate our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and to make resources available so that others may do the same.

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