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Heathens Organized Around Radical Defense of Diversity
Heathens Organized Against Racial Division and Discrimination

We are a collective of Earth centered spiritualists building cooperation and tolerance within our communities, and defending the most vulnerable populations among us.

Hoardd exists is a grass roots pagan movement to build community and family. We exist to counter the hate and bigotry that is rising around us, while working to build up communities where people can communicate and work together peacefully, regardless of culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, self expression, economic status, or skin color. We believe in diversity, mother Earth is home to a very diverse set of life forms. We seek to protect this diversity, not only in our human environments but in our natural environments as well.

Our pledge to the people~
We will work within our communities to stand up, support, and protect people who have been marginalized by discriminatory and bigoted politics, rhetoric, practices, and violence. We will work to build strong, connected, and integrated communities.

Our pledge to our mother~
We will work with the first peoples nations of this land, and the Cascadian Bioregionalist movement, to help restore and preserve the natural balance and health of our ecosystems. We will stand up to protect the land, water, and all life therein from corporate exploitation and destruction. Educating our friends, family, and neighbors, so that we may bring about a shift of conscious awareness.

We seek peace first in every interaction.
Violence is always a last resort.

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