Intro To The Admin Interface

as more groups start using hyperactive, it makes sense to provide some info for them with important features, not all of them are easy to find. This is a start of brainstorming what should go into that, feel free to amend and re-structure

If you want to make changes, please make them on the Hyperactive Project Page.

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Moderation Controls

marcos can announce newly published posts and updated posts in an irc channel in real time.

to see all the latest posts, go to site/latest (e.g.
This page is not linked, but shows all posts in chronological order of being posted or edited (any article that is edited will jump to the top of the list). It includes all posts: articles, events, videos and comments. The comments include the number of the article they are posted on.

Editing a Post
clicking the Edit or administer this article button at the bottom of the page will also reveal a button Edit this article, clicking this will bring you to the edit page. An easier way to get to the edit page is typing /edit at the end of the post url in the address bar of the browser. (site/post/number/edit)

All the details of a post can be changed on the edit page, including title, author, tags, summary and text body and uploaded media. The post can be added to groups one is a member of. If the post is not part of any group, ‘No group’ will be selected. If nothing is selected, it means the the post is part of a group one is not a member of.

Textbox for hiding and ‘edit’ button below

Hiding a Post
click the ‘Edit or administer this article’ button at the bottom of the page, a little textbox opens to give in a reason, and click hide. This will send an email to the moderation list with the subject ‘Content Hidden’, including title, post number, the username of the hider and the reason for hiding.

If the moderator is not logged in, the button below the textbox will say report instead of hide. Reporting will also send an email containing the same information as above, but not hide the article.

An article can also be hidden using the edit function (see promoting a post), in this case no email will be sent.

Hiding Comments
To hide a comment, click the inappropriate comment link below the comment. A textbox and hide button will appear, see Hiding a Post. The same email will be sent, with the subject ‘Comment hidden’

The latest page can be used for moderating comments, as well as the Latest Comments list on the Admin Pages.

Each comment has a unique url (site/post/number#comment-number), that can be seen by clicking on its title.

Promoting a Post
You can change the moderation status on the edit page (see Editing a Post. Choose the appropriate moderation status from the drop box at the top (published, promoted, hidden, featured) and then save changes at the bottom.

Trusted users can get auto-promotion status, meaning their posts will be promoted on posting without being seen by a moderator (see Users)

No email or other notification will be sent, right now there is no easy way of seeing who promoted what post.

Featuring a Post
This is also done by changing the moderation status, see Editing a Post for details, again, no notification is sent.

Featuring an article will bring it to the front page, with image and the full summary. When featuring a new article, the last one will move down into the sub-features.

Top Feature

Four Sub-Features

On the edit page, below the moderation status drop box, there’s a tick box stick at top. When this is selected, the article will stay the prominent feature, while articles featured later on will appear only in the sub-feature columns.

Featuring an event will bring it into the list of five featured events and display any uploaded picture as poster on the frontpage. When the next upcoming featured event does not have an image, an image of a following featured event will be displayed instead.

Featuring a video will include the thumbnail and link in the rotation of three featured videos on the frontpage.

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Admin Pages

to get to the admin page, click view your account page in the account box (usually at the right)

and the view admin pages. The admin pages have a list of links and a main menu.

Main Admin Page

Action Alerts
Action Alerts are short messages of no more than 255 characters, that will appear prominently above the main feature. They can be used for short breaking news. Any link included in the Action Alert will go into the character count.

Each Action Alert show on a list, in order to be active, the tickbox ‘Show on frontpage’ on the edit page of the action alert has to be selected. De-selecting it will keep the Action Alert, without showing it, and allow you to activate it again at a later point.

Snippets are short text boxes on the front page that are only editable by site administrators. It has no limit for length, currently the main snippet is placed under the sub-features, and can include an image, and another one in the far right side column.

Content Filters
Content Filters will hide articles that contain certain words or phrases and send an email to the list, saying user marcos hid this article. There is a 10 minute delay after a post is published before it is hidden by the filter.

Job Scheduler
The job scheduler does all sorts of nice things, for example encode the videos. If the bot leaves the IRC channel, or videos don’t seem to be encoding, you can check on the job scheduler. It should generally be running, if the status says it is not running, click start once and wait for a couple of minutes. The status should change to running. If it doesn’t turn to your local geek.

Site Settings
This is where basic setting of the site can be edited. Including:

  • Site name and banner
  • Torrent tracker for videos
  • SSL settings
  • Moderation email recipient and from
  • Stylesheet
  • RSS Feed to be displayed on frontpage (e.g. from Global Imc)
  • IRC Bot Settings

IRC Bot Quotes
goofy quotes for marocs to say to bored moderators on irc channel.
the bot reponds to
marcos: (profound/ think/ why/ how/ what/ thanks)

Main Admin Menu

Categories are suggested tags. They are tags, but will appear on the publish page for people to tick, thus becoming more prominent. This can be very fluid, an action topic can be easily created and disabled. Just like tags they can not have spaces, so two or more word tags should have – or _ instead (e.g. three_word_tag)

Categories can be enabled or disabled, by selecting and de-selecting the ‘active’ tickbox.

Static Pages
Static pages appear in the ‘Info pages’ section on the frontpage. They include the Publish Page, Editorial Guidelines and Mission Statement.

list of all registered user accounts in chronological order of creation. This is where passwords can be changed and users can be given auto-promotion status, assigned roles such as ‘hider’, or given admin access.

different roles for registered users, includes auto-promotion status, hiders and admins.

don’t quite understand that, someone who does please explain.

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Any registered user can create a group. Groups have their own page, displaying a short info blurb, all posts published under that group, and up to two external RSS feeds, with an unique url (site/groups/group-name).

Any member of a group has full access to that group and can edit the blurb, add other members and include up to two RSS feeds that are displayed on the group page. When publishing a post users will be able to select any of the groups they are a member of at the bottom of the publish page.

Groups have the same moderation status as posts: published, promoted, hidden or featured. When created, a group will have the moderation status ‘published’. To change the moderation status of a group, go the the group page (site/groups/group-name) and type /edit in the address bar of the browser (site/groups/group-name/edit).

Five groups are displayed on the frontpage. A group that is featured will always be on the frontpage. Also the most recently active promoted groups will appear on the frontpage. Published or hidden groups will never appear on the frontpage.

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