Money Issues UK

Check bank details on UK Support Us page

Indymedia London Bank details
The Co-operative bank
Payable to: “Indymedia London”
Sort code: 089299
Acc Number: 65091465 00

Proposal: add instructions on how to make a standing order

Proposal: In the light of the additional costs due to the server seizure see email on UK Propose list we suggest to put up Breaking News for at least a month, asking people for donations and specifically standing orders to help cover running costs.

all rolling: support imc uk and email has been sent. And on Friday 6th a start page special feature has gone up in IMC-UK front page and in all the regional pages of the Network. A link has also been added in the snippet of IMC-London.

quick shot at donation banner:

see proposals below, here’s a London groups contact list


thanks for the details, i’ve added them to the contact page:


Another proposal:

Is it possible to send an email to all IMC London users (people with logins) asking for a small contribution? I’ll donate, as long as I don’t have to use PayPal, which is a totally shit service.

Yet another proposal:

I’ve encountered many collective non-profit groups with sites that have a ‘consider donating’ button that pops up every X number of weeks or X number of logins. Is this something possible in Hyperactive? Also, it might be something that pops up the first time you ‘create an account’.

Yet another proposal:

Try to throw a big benefit party once a year. If done properly can bring in at least a couple hundred quid. Added benefit of increased visibility and can be outreach oriented.

And another one:

Appeal to people we know in groups that do regularly fundraising to do a joint fundraiser. Added benefit of increased visibility and can be outreach oriented.


regarding the first proposal: we don’t ask for an email address when people sign up, so the only way to contact people would be to put a note on the account page or something.

the others sound nice, only someone needs to make the effort and put in the time i guess…


Good point re: emails. Although someone could manually collect all group emails…

Re: other proposal, like the ‘consider donating’ button, could possibly put this on the list of minor changes to IMC London hyperactive cms?

The last two proposals are mostly networking related – like using the contacts we have to see about throwing a party or something. Might be worth discussing at next meeting.


like the donnation banner idea


added a general groups contact list. That’s not the groups who have a group on the site, just a general one I made a while ago, may be kinda out of date, but a start anyhow.


Could we discuss the party idea at the next meeting? Is there a place to put items for the next meeting agenda?



You need to add the next date tho. You might find the dates in “previous versions”