Anarchist Bookfair Consulta

Questionnair to be handed out at the Anarchist Bookfair
Imc London is trying to find out what users think of the new site. Please take the Survey if you are reading/posting to or in some other way using or contributing to Indymedia London. To take this Survey, select the "Take Survey" button above (sadly you need to be logged in to crabgrass in order to be able to do that). If you prefer to download it as a document and email it, see Feel free to skip any questions you do not want to answer.

Questions (15)

  • I'm using the site to:
  • I'm also using the site to:
  • I would like to use the site for the following, if that function was available
  • I am using the group function for:
  • On my mobile phone, I would like to use Indymedia for:
  • I think the above would be a horrible idea because:
  • What other sites do you use for organizing/news-gathering/networking? If Indymedia also offers any of these things, what doesn’t Indymedia do as well as these other sites? What other features should Indymedia offer?
  • Indymedia annoys me with:
  • Indymedia is great because:
  • What do you think is Indymedia’s current mission?
  • How well do you think Indymedia is fulfilling its current mission and why?
  • What do you think would inspire you to personally participate more actively in Indymedia work?
  • Do you have any other brainstorms (no matter how large or small!), suggestions or comments about what Indymedia can do to be more effective?

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