Outreach Material and Leaflets

the awesome new features writing tutorial needs some layout and formatting, but would be great thing to put up as pdf!

Videos and DVDs

for DVD covers and a workspace foe making future compilations of Indymedia videos, go here

Help Guides from Bristol (were sent around on the UK Process list)

  • Strategic Media Planning v3. (pdf)
  • Guide to moderating comments (odt) (pdf)
  • Indymedia and the Enclosure of the Internet (pdf) – 500 copies printed for bookfair 2010
  • How to publish you news on indymedia (pdf) 500 copies printed for bookfair 2010
  • Climate Camp 06 (pdf)
  • Their business and ours (pdf) 500 copies printed for bookfair 2010

Their business and ours (google is not a search company)

  • Tech tools for activists (pdf)

Tech Tools For activists

  • Flyer on quickly how to publish and why (not to publish on Facebook)

side A
side B
Double-sided and ready to print

Imc London Consulta


  • Hiding Faces on videos: Masks (pdf)


Needs updating but very good (rather long) summary of IMC UK/London (and some global stuff) history up to G20.


posted to the list, you may have seen it. now we just need to decide how many copies of each, then ask for a quote from mark (if we want to use him again) etc. of course after network aftermath ;)