2014 Fundraising Pitch #2

[en] Where does the money go?

Dear Riseup People:

Hello! Have you been meaning to give some mutual aid to Riseup? You can, right now. It’s easy and will fill you with a vague satisfied feeling all day long. (We hope!)


Since we’re asking for money, we wanted to tell you where that money will go. (You may notice our core expenses exceed our fundraising goal of $60,000 USD — that’s because we get monthly donations all year long, too.)

Core Expenses:

Rack Space: We keep our servers in a locked, monitored, secure, undisclosed, and temperature-regulated area. Are you wondering if we keep them in the bat-cave? Yes, yes we do. $16,600

Bandwidth and electricity: Is expensive and unavoidable, at least until Tesla’s dream of free, wireless electricity comes to pass. $17,400.

Riseup Stipends: Money for the collective members who do the focused, day in and day out labor that keeps Riseup running. $70,000

And for those of you who like a little roses with your bread: our Riseup Party Expenses:

Every year when out of town collective members come to Seattle, we get together at someone’s house, watch cute kids run around, talk about network security, drink beer, and eat oodles of vegan Vietnamese food. $100


Thanks and Love,

The Riseup Birds


Devin — are these numbers at all relevent? Found them in a 2012 budget.

Micah — would you rather I remain vague on stipends? I can. I know broadcasting to all our users how much you get paid is a bit intrusive.