Broadcasting with Lubuntu

This setup is a little old but still may be relevent but needs updating. Credit should go to TimfromTang for his efforts on the original documentation of this article.

Broadcasting with Lubuntu

Need to broadcast using Lubuntu? Hopefully this tutorial will be of some assistance to you. Special thanks to timfromtang for his work in getting this setup figured out. The setup i describe “just works” nocomplex bridging or such required.

Please note:
This setup will not work on the 64 bit architecture

. If you still want to give it a go you may want to read this post and let us know here if you were successful.
Install the Software

Software Installation

  • Install lubuntu
  • activate the partner repositories in synaptic
  • mark all upgrades
  • install, skype, audacity, idjc, decibel audio player, qjackctl.
  • answer yes to kernel realtime process priority concerning the jackaudio setup.
  • open setup in qjackctl
  • reduce frames /period to 128 or so, to sort your latency

Setup Default Sound Device

create a file called “.asoundrc” in your home directory your home directory
copy the following code to that file:

pcm.jack { 
 type jack 
 playback_ports { 
  0 idjc_default:ch_in_3 
  1 idjc_default:ch_in_4 
 capture_ports { 
  0 alsa_pcm:capture_1 
  1 alsa_pcm:capture_2 

pcm.dmixout { 
 # Just pass this on to the system dmix 
 type plug 
 slave { 
  pcm "dmix" 

pcm.!default { 
 type plug 
 slave { 
  pcm "jack" 

Final Stage of Setup

  • Reboot to activate .asoundrc
  • Alteration of the preferences in idjc before testing skype is sensible i.e. set up mic channel for stereo, so’ s a mixer and outside stereo audio source can be used
  • Channel 1 basic input,
  • channel 2 partnered with channel 1
  • Same for aux channel use basic input, and partnered with channel 3 for channels 3,4, and remember to pan 3 left and 4 right as for the mic
  • Disable the "in the dj’s mix box on the mic channel
  • start skype
  • in skype sound options choose (idjcvoip) for all the sound devices
  • close and reopen skype
  • start idjc
  • press the red telephone
  • test call lady should flirt with you about then
  • You will need to disable “in the dj’s mix” for the mic button V important
  • Setting up the preferences in idjc and the setup of qjackctl are simple but necessary