Advantages And Functions Of A Pain Management Clinic

Treating pain in a pain management clinic can be a good choice for those with a long-term complaint of different types of pain.

Treating pain in a pain management clinic can be a good choice for those with a long-term complaint of different types of pain. In the US, there are millions of car accidents every year. A pain clinic provides effective and compassionate treatment for a wide range of chronic and intractable conditions. Patients are typically referred to these clinics following a traumatic event such as a car accident or surgery. The majority of patients have no idea what to expect from a Pain Relief Center and have few expectations.

Benefits Of A Pain Management Clinic

A pain hospital can offer several types of treatment, including medication, counseling, and pharmacological treatments. A doctor’s appointment will include a consultation with a licensed psychologist, physical therapist, certified physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, and sometimes an acupuncturist. Some hospitals such as the Daradia pain hospital offer different types of treatment like nerve blocks which are specialized for pain management and cure. In some cases, patients may also meet with a psychotherapist or psychologist to address emotional and psychological concerns.

About The Daradia Pain Clinic

One of the renowned pain specialty hospitals in the world is the Daradia pain clinic. Daradia means the one who can feel others pain. This hospital was started as a part of a multi-specialty hospital in Kolkata, India and was founded by Dr. Gautam Das pain physician. He registered the clinic on September 2008 as a specialty hospital.

The hospital treats patients from all over the world and was awarded “Excellence in Pain Practice’ by the World Institute of Pain. The clinic specializes in varieties of pain treatments right from headaches to pain from slipped discs. It adopts different methodologies to treat the patients according to their condition. It uses advanced procedures like Ozone Disc Nucleolysis, Radio Frequency Ablation Procedures, Spinal cord or Dorsal Column stimulation, Endoscopic discectomy, vertebroplasty, intrathecal morphine pump, etc.

Apart from treatment, the hospital also does major research in the field of pain treatment. It has published an article on the ozone nucleolysis in the year 2009 which was the first original article on this subject from India. Also recently, it has published on Cryoneurolysis in Sacroiliac Joint Pain which is the first article ever published in the field. The hospital is a government recognized institute approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization of India. This clinic has also trained many pain physicians from all over the world.

Pain management is an essential field in which many physicians and hospitals must specialize on. Daradia does it with excellence and has improved many people’s livelihood by treating chronic pain. Those suffering from everlasting pain must visit this hospital to cure themselves.