How to Boost the Performance of PC

The performance of your PC decides the efficiency of your tasks. A slow PC can ruin your day, and you cannot achieve anything.

The performance of your PC decides the efficiency of your tasks. A slow PC can ruin your day, and you cannot achieve anything. You may think of upgrading your hardware, but it is optional sometimes. You can enhance the performance by clearing junk files or with the help of PC cleaner software quickly. We shall discuss all the different methods to improve the PC speed, performance, and efficiency in no time.

PC performance can be improved through various methods, including installing software and hardware that support specific types of optimization, using appropriate hardware and software drivers, and maintaining a clean PC interior. Some general tips to help boost PC performance include:

Ways to Increase PC performance

There are many methods to enhance PC performance. Either we can solve every problem causing the slower performance or effectively use system repair tools to solve them quickly. Let us understand both methods.

Uninstall Unwanted Applications

First, find the idle applications that occupy disk space in your PC. If you think a program is useless, install it immediately.

Freeing up disk space by clearing unwanted apps will improve your PC performance multiple folds. The CPU can access other important and frequently used programs more efficiently.

Go to the Programs and Features menu in Control Panel and uninstall all the unnecessary programs immediately.

Reduce Startup Applications

When you start your PC, the speed will reduce significantly if many applications run along. Your PC will take a long time to finish booting up and allow you to perform other tasks.

But fortunately, you can limit the programs in the startup and allow your PC to perform faster than ever.

Go to the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Then go to the Startup tab and disable the programs you don’t want at the startup.

Check for Viruses and Malware

These are the silent killers of performance in your PC. Without your knowledge, they will suck all your PC’s processing power and may even steal your data in the shadow.

They also take up RAM space and affect your essential tasks. They start to ruin the hardware slowly, and you might have to replace it sooner.

With the help of Windows defender or PC cleaner software, you can scan for potential malware and clear them from your PC.

Update Drivers

Driver updates can impact the working of every hardware present in the PC. They must be periodically updated to maintain the seamless working of the hardware.

The manufacturers of the hardware automatically provide updates to the driver. You can also use the Windows Update manager to check for optional driver updates.

To update specific drivers, go to the device manager by right-clicking on the This PC icon. You will have the list of all hardware, and you can choose the specific hardware to update the drivers.

Restart your PC periodically.

While it is beneficial to keep the PC at sleep to perform automatic updates and quickly launch of PC, you have to restart or shut it down periodically.

Restarting your PC will remove the temporary files from your cache and free up the RAM. This will enhance your PC speed and gives you a good boost.

You can also clear the temp files from the disk cleanup option in windows settings and remove all the unnecessary temp files and logs.

System Repair Tools

Specific software like the advanced system repair pro can perform a complete system scan and remove all the junk files, malware, and other issues that slow down your PC.

It also removes all the malware and spyware that affects the processing speed on your PC.

After completing online browsing, it can help remove trackers and block potential spyware from affecting your PC.

Download this software and run it to perform a complete scan. It will list all the issues, and you can fix them with a single click.


PC performance can be enhanced easily with the recommended tips and guides. They help boost the speed and efficiency of your PC multiple folds without much effort. You also don’t need any technical knowledge to perform these hacks.