How to Find Out a Malware Infection on Your Website

As technology grows and evolves, malware is also evolving and remains a constant weapon for hackers in order to hack a website.

As technology grows and evolves, malware is also evolving and remains a constant weapon for hackers in order to hack a website. Website malware is used to steal sensitive information of the visitor of your page, hold websites for ransom, and even take control of your website itself. Many website owners are not realized that their sites have been attacked until they face a major problem. Malcure provides an automatic website malware scanner to check for the website files and database scan. Their malware removal plugin detects several potential threats and security vulnerabilities including SERPs hijack, session hijack, security threats, viruses, trojans, backdoors, malicious JavaScript redirects, SQLi, XSS, CSRF, etc.

Signs of Malware on Your Website:

The signs of malware are not immediately seen by yourself or your visitors. Many website owners assume that website defacement is the only way of knowing their website has been attacked by malware. But in reality, there are several signs which are more effective in their elusiveness and having the ability to hide. The following are some important signs you will face when your site is attacked by malware.

•Your account login details are changed without your consent.

•Your website files are modified or even deleted without your knowledge.

•Your website always gets crashed or freezes when your visitors make a visit to your website page.

•Also, you have experienced a noticeable change in the search engine results about your website. Some changes include blacklisting statuses or any harmful content warnings.

•And more than that, you will experience a rapid drop in your website loading time and you will feel that the traffic to your website decreases rapidly.

When you find out the above signs on your website, make sure to follow the next steps to confirm your suspicions.

Use the Free Google Malware Checker:

If you find any issues with your site, make a quick check in google site checker. It uses its safe browsing technology to check whether your site is potentially dangerous to visit. Also, you can check your website from the health menu in the google console. If your site has been flagged by google previously, this will clear the flag once when you remove the malware from your website.

Use Website Malware Scanners:

Another great tool for checking whether your site is infected by the malware or not is by using the website malware scanner from Malcure. This will make a full scan of your website and check for the files and databases whether they are affected or not. For WordPress websites, Malcure has its own plugin which helps in removing the potential threats and security vulnerabilities in your website. These malware scanners are very precise, lightweight, simple, and easy to use.


From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about the signs and the steps to find a malware infection on your website. Make sure to use the best website malware scanners for scanning in order to get precise results.