How to Send a Personal Invoice to a Business

Globally, solopreneurs are aware that being an independent worker today requires not just being an authority in your chosen profession,

Globally, solopreneurs are aware that being an independent worker today requires not just being an authority in your chosen profession, but also being an authority on all things business-related. That necessitates having extensive understanding of finance, commercial law, and contract administration. What is the first challenge a freelancer must overcome? Can an individual invoice a business?

Any freelancer will tell you that producing an invoice for their work and pursuing money may be two of the most stressful aspects of their career. I thought it was supposed to be easy? Your customer pays you after you perform a service. Real life, however, seldom works out that way.

As a freelancer, calculating VAT

The VAT, or value added tax, ahh. Value added tax, sometimes known as VAT, is a flat tax that is charged to goods and services at every stage of the supply chain when value is added. It is the equivalent of sales tax in the United States. Each EU member state also has its own VAT rate and precise guidelines for where, when, and how it is collected, exactly as in the United States. Therefore, as a freelancer, it is your responsibility to determine the amount of VAT your customer owes, add it to each invoice, and then remit the money to the appropriate authorities at the conclusion of each taxable period (each country has different rules, so be sure to do your research).

You’d be correct if you thought that this would be a huge additional hassle since it most definitely is. Fortunately for you, solutions exist that can automate this process so you won’t even need to consider VAT or remember what it stands for. For further advice about outsourcing VAT difficulty, keep reading.

Invoice collection as a freelancer

As a freelancer, chasing down unpaid invoices is undoubtedly a major issue. This not only results in money difficulties, but it may also have a significant negative effect on a freelancer’s mental health while consuming valuable time and energy that might be used more effectively doing… pretty much anything else.

According to recent study from the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE), freelancers let work go unpaid 43 percent of the time because the procedure takes so long. They spend an average of 20 days per year hunting down unpaid invoices.

Although this sounds like an extreme result, many freelancers really don’t want to upset their customers and damage the connections they have worked so hard to establish. However, according to IPSE data, late payments account for 71% of client-freelancer disagreements.

What information must to include on a freelancing invoice?

What should be in your freelance invoice is as follows:

•Your name

•Contact information and your client’s name

•A distinct invoice numbers

•Dates (invoice issue date and due date)

•Directions for making the payment prominently posted

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It should come as no surprise that many independent contractors and business owners lack the time or the patience for such intricate billing processes. It is simple to get overburdened, and from that point on, things have a tendency to break apart, causing invoices and follow-ups to be missed. In addition to losing out on money that is due to you, this is terrible for company since it portrays you as unreliable and unprofessional.