How to Train a Poodle Puppy

Poodles are the most popular dog breeds. They are the smartest dog breed.

Poodles are the most popular dog breeds. They are the smartest dog breed. Poodles can understand and learn a new command in fewer repetitions, which is very easy for the owners to train. They are cute and energetic, but however, due to their higher intelligence levels, they may quickly get bored. Poodles pay attention to everything whatever their owners order. Nowadays, it is very easy to buy poodle puppies. You can buy them online by simply searching “Poodle puppies near me” and you will get amazing results.

Poodle Training Tips:

Many people own poodles and want to know how to train them. The following are some of the tips to train your poodles easily.

Teaching His Name:

When you refer to your poodle by calling it a puppy or simply saying come here and go, will not make your puppy effective in training. Teach your puppy by his name is the first important thing you should do when training. When you say his name, you need to look at him and make his attention towards you. Say your puppy’s name in a soft welcoming tone, then he will come to you without any hesitation.

Ask Your Puppy to Sit:

Once he got mastered knowing his name, train your puppy to sit. Place a small treat in your hand and say the word sit. Put the treat and lift it slowly above his head. Once your poodle placed his bum on the ground, say the word sit and give the treat and praise. You need to practice this continuously until your puppy sits without needing the treat.

Ask Him to Stay:

After you get him to sit, then start giving training for him to stay. Adding a hand signal like holding your hand towards your poodle and repeating the word stay is also essential. Once he started to stay, teach him with the release word like “come”, when you want him out of the stay.

Teach Your Poodle to Lie Down:

When you get your poodle to sit, hold a treat in your fingers and move your hand toward the ground in front of him. This will make your puppy move forwards and his belly will touch the ground naturally. Once all this happens, you can make a command word like “lie down”. After he does that, you can add the command “stay” to make him stay in the lie-down position. Then your poodle will stay in a down position until you the release command.


For housetraining your puppy, you need to have a schedule for going outdoors with him. By doing this, your poodle can make his own work regularly. Also, you need to pay attention to your puppy. If your dog starts circling around you, it is a sign that you need to take him out for bathroom purposes.