What are the Types of Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence claims are filed when a patient believes that when they received improper medical care from the medical professionals.

Medical negligence claims are filed when a patient believes that when they received improper medical care from the medical professionals. These medical claims can be done by medical negligence solicitors Dublin, who help people who have been injured because of medical negligence.

Medical negligence claim from the https://medicalnegligenceclaim.ie/, will help in making effort to receive compensation for the damage or the injuries that have been caused due to the negligence. These medical negligence claims are also called clinical negligence claims.

Types of Medical Negligence Claims:

There are different types of medical negligence for which you can claim compensation. The following are some types.

Medical Misdiagnosis:

Failing to diagnose a condition correctly will lead to unnecessary suffering. Medical misdiagnosis will tend to fall into two main types:

•Where the incorrect diagnosis is made, and

•Also, when a condition is completely missed and ends up going undiagnosed.

Providing an incorrect treatment or failure to provide treatment means that both types of medical misdiagnosis carry life-threatening risks potentially.

Surgical Negligence:

Surgical negligence always comes with some inherent risk, but sometimes mistakes are made that should happen never again. This includes foreign objects being left in the patient or the wrong area of the body being operated on.

Some common types of surgical negligence include:

•Performs the wrong operation.

•Foreign objects are left inside the body.

•When operated on the wrong body part.

•Infections are caused by poor hygiene.

•Organs are being perforated.

•Scarring and disfigurement during cosmetic surgery.

Negligent Medical Advice:

Medical experts are required to advise you of the risks of the procedure and let you know about available alternatives. This will help you to make an informed decision about whether you want an operation or not. If it gets failed and something goes wrong, then you may be entitled to make a medical negligence compensation claim.

Medication and Prescription Errors:

Many prescriptions are written and dispensed every day, and the majority of these are processed correctly errors can occur. Taking an incorrect dose of medication or wrong medication results in getting serious consequences like brain damage, digestive problems, allergic reaction, psychological illness, or even death.

Common medication or prescription error negligence claims includes:

•Incorrect dosage period or amount.

•Wrong medication dispensed or prescribed.

•Medication prescribed to the patient is known to be allergic.

Pregnancy and Birth Injuries:

Negligence can also take place in wrongful birth cases, such as vasectomy failure or parents were not warned that a child has been born with some injuries. Birth negligence includes harm to the mother and the baby suffering during or after the pregnancy. These can have life-changing injuries like cerebral palsy, bowel trauma, and maternal diabetes.


If you are the victim of medical negligence, you need to act quickly. You only have three years from the date of the medical negligence to make a claim. Always, choose the best medical negligence solicitor, who can review your claim and build your case.