What is the Difference Between a Portable Generator and a Portable Power Station

Electricity is an important energy to power all the devices and equipment we use.

Electricity is an important energy to power all the devices and equipment we use. It has become an inevitable source of energy. Even if you are on a travel, you need a power source to use your gadgets like a smartphone.

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between the two types of power sources that can provide electricity. They have different working principles and use cases. Let us discuss them in detail.

Generator Vs Power Station (Battery Backup)

Both these technologies provide electricity but they work under different principles and have different sources.

A generator, as the name suggests, generates electricity using other power sources. It uses water, steam, fossil fuels, etc., and converts the energy into electrical power with the help of suitable machinery.

On the other hand, a power station (in this context) uses a battery-powered source which is also rechargeable. It just converts chemical energy from the Lithium-ion battery to electrical energy. It has a bunch of battery cells that can power any kind of device.

Another major difference is that the power output of the generators is huge when compared to power stations. The size is also huge with the generators while the portable power station has a compact size which is easier for carrying around.

A portable generator provides AC output that cannot be used to power electronics directly. You need to use an inverter generator to solve that issue.

Whereas a portable battery backup is usually equipped with an inverter to provide DC output and this will help you to power all the devices and electronics easily.

Usually, portable generators use diesel engines which are a very huge setup and require a sturdy construction with wheels for portability. This huge setup makes it difficult to carry it around and you cannot store it in compact places.

But a portable station is small as well as produces very low output. You cannot power huge appliances or a large number of devices with it. It has a limited capacity.

The major advantages of portable stations are they can be recharged and used several times. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the electricity charges for recharging it.

For a generator, you need to spend money on gallons of fuel and it can be very expensive. Unless you have a proper use case for portable generators, it is not worth all.


According to the power requirement, the choice of technology differs. But many of us don’t require a portable generator. The majority of us will need a portable power station which can help us to charge several devices. So, choose whichever you want according to your requirement.