What Material is Best for Bathroom Basins

The quality of the bathroom basins is extremely important to the health and longevity of your bathroom.

The quality of the bathroom basins is extremely important to the health and longevity of your bathroom. A high-quality bathroom basin will improve the design of your bathroom. They also are more durable, and reliable and plenty of designs to choose from. You can wash your face and hands, brush your teeth, etc every day on your basin. So, you will need a durable bathroom basins with a beautiful design in order to extend the lifespan of your basin while saving money.

Types Of Bathroom Basin Materials:

A high-quality bathroom basin material will result in getting a high-quality sink. The following are some of the material types used in the manufacture of bathroom basins.


Ceramic materials like porcelain or stoneware are popular because the different minerals are baked in an oven at higher temperatures while continuing to apply a glaze. This type of material basin is known for its long-lasting shine and pure white. Also, ceramic materials are recyclable as well as being resistant to scratches. If you want a basin with a simple look, this basin is suitable for you. The colors of these basins are very limited but you can find a model with decorative designs like a matte finish. Ceramics are fragile material, so it needs special attention when handling and cleaning.


Acrylic is a thermoplastic material and it is pliable to heat. This material is composed of an acrylic layer and reinforced with polyurethane or fiberglass. They are also known for their less weight and glossy finish. Nowadays, these basins are more functional and are more resistant to scratches. Like ceramics, this type of material is also easy to recycle.

Mineral Lacarga:

These types of basins are less shiny than the porcelain finish and they are warm to the touch and resistant to shocks. It is composed of minerals and also contains resins and additives. These basins offer several possibilities for decorating your bathroom with the help of different textures, colors, and sizes available. Mineral lacarga basins are resistant to cleaning products including solvents. If this sink gets scratched, it is very easy to repair.

Artificial Stone:

Artificial stone bathroom basin designs are made of cement and small stones. This gives an informal and innovative style and looks to your bathroom. They are strong materials, but less common for use in homes. When it comes to cleaning, you need to pay special attention, especially to the acids since they cause some unwanted effects.

Natural Stone:

Natural stone bathroom sinks are made from the materials like marble, granite, or slate. They are less resistant to shock and heavy materials. Depending on the type of stone, these basins can give an elegant and rusty look to your bathroom. For cleanliness, it requires more maintenance due to the porosity of the stone, so it is having less resistance to cleaning products.


From the above, you can get a detailed understanding of the types of materials available for manufacturing bathroom basins. Choose the correct one wisely and make sure that fits your bathroom style.