Why Do Electronic Reverse Engineering

Electronic product reverse engineering complete solution. Can let you quickly out of the product solution.

Electronic product reverse engineering complete solution. Can let you quickly out of the product solution.

With the rapid development of new technology, the speed of product update is faster and faster. How to develop new products with high efficiency and low cost to occupy the market is the most important thing for various enterprises.

Enterprise research and development of new products has a long cycle and high cost.

Enterprises develop new electronic products to go through the following processes:

Design → Sample production → finished product → mass production.

The whole process usually takes a year or more. The design link is completely based on the level of hardware design and software development ability of developers. Poor design often affects the stability and reliability of later products. It may even be eliminated, wasting a lot of manpower and material resources. So the cost is high and the cycle is long. Even if the product is out, it may already be behind. More importantly, the product is likely to have a lot of defects!

Why do companies reverse engineer electronics?

The reverse engineering process of electronic products is as follows:

Existing legal latest products → Reverse engineering to make PCB design → Reverse SCH schematic diagram → remodel the schematic diagram twice → new PCB design.

From the above process we find that the whole electronic reverse engineering replaces a “design” link in the forward design. Although there are many links, but because you bring the latest product itself has been a long research and development cycle. It’s a very stable and reliable product. Coupled with their own functional transformation is a very stable and reliable product. With the help of our reverse design software, these steps can shorten the time used in forward design by several or even dozens of times. Therefore, it greatly shortens the development cycle and reduces the cost of research and development.

PCB reverse engineering cost lowest!

China Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in reverse engineering of electronic products for more than 20 years. Since the 1990s, we have been doing electronic reverse engineering services for enterprises. It has become a high-tech enterprise with high reputation at home and abroad. So that a lot of domestic and foreign customers get benefits.


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