Date: 06 march 2021
Assembly duration: 2 hours, 13.00 – 15.00
Break frequency: 5 minutes every 30 minutes of meeting

  1. Welcome – 5-10 minutes social welcoming
  2. What is nattsvart? – 5 minute breakdown of what nattsvart is and aims to be, explaining workgroups and janitors.
  3. What is the general assembly? – 5 minute providing some context for why we call it general assembly
  4. Presentations + “mårunda” – variable time, no longer than 2 minutes per person.
  5. Announcements – short and informational announcements from both workgroups and individuals
  6. Discussions – How do we go IRL next time?
    1. Breakout groups – when a discussion point has been introduced, we split into smaller groups to have less formal talks
    2. Re-gather summarizing group talks – the takeaways from each breakout group is summarized in the main meeting
  7. Next General Assembly – date is announced
  8. Hang-out – informal chatting and talking

I think it could be made a lot shorter in the beginning, leaving more room for the hangout if the social part is the actual important part. Also I think it’s time to move to IRL.


Agreed, but not sure where to shorten it though.

Also, we missed talking about “point 7” in today’s janitor meeting.