Assembly 1

The first general assembly of Nattsvart

General Assembly Agenda Template – 2 hours

  1. General Assembly definition/Ground Rules handout/hand signals
  • Ground rule: If there is a disagreement: find the agreement, where can we get forward.
  • Diversity is core, different ways of being upset with society
  • Don’t be an asshat
  1. Collaborative Activity and/or Positive Presentations
  2. Reading of the rest of the Agenda
  3. General notices and announcements – 1 min each
  4. Workgroup announcements – 1 min each
    Section Total: 20 minutes
  5. Workgroup proposals – 10 min each
    • This means that workgroups gets to propose activities that can or must include more than their own workgroup, for example a festival or an “open house activity day”.
  6. Individual proposals – 10 min each
    • This means that individual people get to propose activities that they would like to see happening or believe there is a need for.
    • Proposals are not to be made hoping that someone else just does them. If you propose something you are going to work with it.

Section Total: 100 minutes maximum

This is followed by open dialogue & dinner.


This is a suggestion for the first ever agenda for a general assembly for nattsvart (this was stolen from another groups template and adjusted slightly for use at nattsvart). Is anything missing or too much or what do you think?

If you feel confused about this, this is the gathering we talked about in the group that allows for everyone active at nattsvart in the workgroups to still meet and figure things out!


Looks good to me :)


IMÄI suggested registering their official address to nattsvart.


Möte/samling om nattsvarts organiseringsstruktur –


Are the last three (könsroller, väggbygget, öppettider) part of “möte/samling om nattsvarts organiseringsstruktur”?


Könsroller/ordfördelning/machokultur/rasism-vithetsnorm bör nog vara något vi bör diskutera igenom i vaktmästeriet, men givetvis även i assembly typ – dock inte nästa assembly tänker jag då det nog är bäst att vi har lite liknande tankar om hur en kan hantera det innan vi öppnar upp frågan brett?

Väggbygget och öppettider är definitivt del av det mötet tänker jag.