applications are cloud-based

In simple terms, Intelligent IP Networks are networks that have integrated AI-based intelligence to identify the numerous services that will be using the allotted traffic channels and optimize interfaces, and network resources in accordance with the consumption trends. Intelligent IP networks are able to autonomously manage scalability within their ecosystem and set the stage for always-on experiences for network connectivity. With intelligent packet routing, service, and bandwidth optimization, Intelligent IP networks will allow for rapid scalability of network traffic. With 5G slowly promising to become mainstream in several global markets, the scale at which devices will connect to the internet will increase. There will be unprecedented volumes of internet data transmission that will occur in the 5G era and traditional IP networks will not be able to dynamically scale up to meet the requirements. Intelligent IP networks will offer highly flexible links for enabling faster customer experiences via the internet. Did you know that nearly 85% of all enterprise applications are cloud-based? Additionally, nearly every consumer sector is being disrupted by cloud services that master the art of offering services on-demand at a lower cost when compared to established business models. Traditional IP networks will not be able to factor in the huge and dynamic needs of today’s cloud services. From rapid scaling to pro-active availability, the challenges posed by growing cloud adoption for carriers are immense.

The need for a solution to manage the explosive growth of internet traffic is a growing concern globally and an answer seems to have emerged in the form of Intelligent IP Networks.
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