Benefits of Network Automation

Network outages are of course a large pain point in enterprise networking, but there are certainly others. Complex, hard-to-manage networks are hindering business innovation, making critical security improvements more difficult, and driving up costs. This set of drawbacks has naturally led to a search for better approaches. Eliminate manual tasks. Automating your network replaces manual tasks with predictable, repeatable network changes. That raises IT productivity, since you’re able to focus on strategic opportunities that drive business growth. Accelerate service delivery. A critical benefit: provide key data services faster, optimize network performance, and speed rollout of new services and applications. Standardize processes with templates. Leverage standardized templates to drive efficiency among network stakeholders and streamline network changes. Make changes faster. More frequently execute network changes that previously you rarely performed because they were manual, time consuming, and resource intensive. Build a reliable network. Utilize an infrastructure-as-code approach to maintain the state and configuration of your network – from data center to edge – in much the same way that developers manage source code. Gain network visibility. Access wide-ranging performance monitoring capabilities to pinpoint performance issues, spiking resource utilization levels, and errors on the network. Analyze and resolve issues. Rely on network analytics for insight into performance, utilization, security, and resource allocation that help resolve issues far faster than via manual techniques.

There are a great many benefits to be had from network automation. Once we understand all the ways we can drive business value from virtualizing and automating the network through automation, the case for capitalizing on it becomes a no-brainer. Let’s briefly touch on the key benefits.
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