Cost-Efficient IoT WAN

By utilizing IoT solutions in telecom, enterprises can improve the cost-efficiency of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Conventional M2M systems are interconnected via GSM or Wi-Fi networks, both of which have high energy consumption. Moving to IoT devices, based on Wide Area Networks (WAN), will allow telecoms to save substantial amounts of energy and costs. Furthermore, telcos can develop their own IoT-based products or services that function on financially profitable WAN to generate new revenue streams. Precise IoT-based Equipment Monitoring Cellular towers consist of a wide range of equipment to ensure smooth network functioning. This equipment needs a strong backup to guarantee 24/7 functioning, and constant maintenance to exclude possible outages and downtimes, and, consequently, revenue losses. Telecom companies can create an IoT-powered operational control center that will integrate local IoT devices with Big Data analytics to gather and process large volumes of data from cellular towers. By using this approach, network engineers can monitor KPI’s of the equipment, and use data to decrease maintenance costs and constitute effective electric power management. To conclude our quick review of IoT, apart from providing significant business benefits, IoT technology also creates a great number of business opportunities for telecoms. With the extreme growth of IoT devices, telcos can take the role of connectivity and infrastructure providers to the IoT service vendors. By delivering IoT ecosystem lifecycle management services, telcos can generate more revenue and forge mutually beneficial business partnerships.

By leveraging IoT solutions, telecom companies can acquire massive volumes of business-critical data. By applying the Big Data analytics process to the information gathered from the IoT sensors, telcos can gain valuable insights about the client’s behavior patterns, which can be further used to benefit customer engagement and CX. Moreover, the collected data can be used to build predictive models that can anticipate the upcoming trends within the telecom market.
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