Document Centric BPM

This method is used when a document requires multiple approvals and is the main element in a business process. The approval process in the workflow gets shorter as the document is delivered to multiple approvers or stakeholders based on the rules that are set in the BPM. It saves time that otherwise gets wasted in document circulation. Human-Centric BPM: This method focuses on managing tasks that require human skills to be completed. It automates other redundant tasks to support human actions. The approval process is manually monitored and addressed by individuals. Hiring is a primary example of Human-centric BPM. The Human-centric BPM platforms provide a better user experience, crisp process flow, and easy-to-handle tasks to ensure a higher success rate. Transfer the idea into a visual format and design the complete workflow using BPM tools. Here, the process is designed to give a clear picture of every event, step, the flow of data, involved stakeholders, and other conditions. Deploy the process in a small focus group. Create two or more groups and assign them to different workflows. This way you can check the efficacy of different models and pick the one that fits the organization's needs. Once selected, you can rapidly scale it up across the organization. Use hybrid training methods to train employees and bring them up to speed.

Establish Key performance indicators (KPI) for each job function and track it using BPM tools. Create an objective within the BPM system and analyze how many employees in a particular department for a specific role were able to accomplish it and if the majority of them are unable to do it then the problem is either with the training or business process.

If a few employees are struggling with it, you can push notifications within the application with guided workflows to ensure that they complete the process the way you intend. You can also measure other indicators too like average session time, task completion rate, and active state within the application.
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