Telecommunication with CSPs and MVNO

Innovation, agility, and lower costs are takeaways for communication service providers (CSPs) when they participate and get involved in the partner ecosystem. With CSPs relying more on traditional service partners, opportunities are restricted and not aligned with emerging technologies. The move from linear and fixed value chain to the platform with interchangeable ecosystem partner roles is the new norm for now. Interactions between the ecosystem participants will foster innovations and bring new offerings. This needs a change in business strategy. CSP’s are now seeking to make a run towards a digital partner ecosystem that amplifies opportunities, and thereby, CSPs make more revenues by crafting newer business models.

In another setting, STL has proved its industry leadership making a big breakthrough at the Forum Digital Transformation World Series, 2021, and STL being a key member of the Forum Catalyst Project, STL has been identified as the ‘Best Use of Open Digital Framework, (ODF)’ for its 5G Digital Marketplace catalyst project.
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Digital and mobile payments are on the rise; withdrawals, make payments, pay bills can be made over the mobile phone. With over one billion unbanked customers MVNOs can make it big and seize this opportunity to offer services. Self-service portals are providing more power to the customer over their mobile data. Users require fast, flexible services for self-service portals, and MVNOs can provide such services at optimal costs.

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