Transformation at the Network Edge

Network Edge is the bridge between an organization and its end customers to deliver enhanced user experience and employee productivity. It is a strategic gateway to connect widely distributed organizations. The traditional networks cannot accommodate the new IoT devices, sensors, and plethora of Edge devices that are connected and managed at the Edge. Therefore, it is crucial to adopt transformation of the network at the edge to meet the requirements of the end devices and make them an integral part of the Enterprise Networks. Sify Edge Connect Services include advisory services like an assessment of customer requirement with respect to coverage and performance. Further, we ensure end-to-end implementation of customer’s WiFi network, which includes configuring guest access and incorporating employee authentication & access. Our highly secure platform provides insight into user patterns and analytics such as the location of users, applications browsed, etc. Sify also provides deep visibility and control of the performance and usage of applications. In addition, Sify Edge Services include IoT services and aggregation and integration of the same with the Enterprise Network.

Sify is the largest Information and Communications Technology service provider in India, serving 10,000+ businesses across multiple industries with its impeccable Cloud and Data Center services, Network services, Security services, Digital Services, and Application Services. Our industry-wide experience of working with diverse clients, skilled workforce to manage varied network transformation projects, and the Technology Partner ecosystem, makes us the most trusted Network Transformation partner for India Enterprises.
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