Newsletter Translation

Translating Riseup's newsletter

Here you find information on how the translation is organized. For a list of previous newsletters see Newsletter Index. For a deeper understanding how a newsletter is put together read newsletter how to (you need an account for that).

Every month (we hope), Riseup sends out a newsletter to all subscribers of our service. It includes important status information, some tips about using our service, and a request/reminder to donate money. The newsletter is the main (only) fundraising tool that riseup has, and our only way of connecting with our users.

Currently, ______ is coordinating translation and Katie is coordinating the editing of the newsletter. Please contact for questions about translation of newsletter.

Wanted: If we find the time, there also will be newsletter evergreens and newsletter visions.

How translation is done

  1. Subscribe to the mailing list: by visiting our lists page
  2. When a newsletter needs to be translated, we will send an email to this list with REQUEST in the title. The email will a brief statement about what needs to be translated and how to respond. See this link:
  3. If you have time to translate it, then reply to the list with “TRANSLATING es” or “TRANSLATING pt” (depending on which language you are working on translating) in the subject. Then others will see that someone is translating that language, and they do not need to work
    on it.
  4. Please do not spend time translating if you have not replied to the list because someone else might be doing it!


We typically attempt to get at least Spanish and Portuguese translations before sending out the newsletter. However, the newsletter is often time sensitive, so sometimes if the translation takes more than a week, the newsletter may be sent out without the translation!

If you want to do participate, please subscribe to the lists and introduce yourself, which languages you read / write and how you want to help.