Another Name For Riseup-News?

  • Readup
     — abie, ctrlculture, compa, roguenet, mimizan, midwestbedouin, and pikachu
     — wietse, seesaw, saciperere, jeanaej, and tomatocat
     — formweaver, none, and bignd
     — estrangeiro
  • Riseup News
     — roguenet, seesaw, anmelden, piranha, nantes, kangal, saciperere, and jeanaej
     — abie, ctrlculture, formweaver, none, midwestbedouin, bignd, estrangeiro, and tomatocat
     — wietse
  • Newup

    just another up ..

     — formweaver and tomatocat
     — roguenet, none, seesaw, midwestbedouin, and saciperere
     — bignd and estrangeiro
  • The Disseminator

    A place to share important news

     — formweaver and seesaw
     — roguenet, none, midwestbedouin, saciperere, and tomatocat
     — bignd and estrangeiro

I was just wondering whether we could come up with a better name than Riseup-News….


I’m not devoted to the name “riseup-news”. Readup is super cute!


I say readup. I think it’s just cool. Ha!




Hello, is this active at all anymore?