Planning: Mid-Wales long weekend in autumn

Here's the place to make this happen

We’re having another bike tour! It’ll probably be a long weekend in Machynlleth (near the Centre for Alternative Technology) in autumn. Sylvie was offering her house there for showers, water and a roof. For example, it could be Fri 30 September – Mon 3 October.

People also suggested following the North to South Devon cycle route. What do people think about either of these plans? Talk, respond, write, comment, decide, reckon, rant, endorse, enhance – should we do this? Could you come?

Mchynlleth is right next to CAT
70 miles from Lammas eco village
There are lots of small few permaculture smallholdings in the area
More suggestions?

Would you come?


Yes, I would!! sounds brilliant,
keep me posted,
x x x


Hey can i push for another date as 30th-3rd is the weekend of Hinkley Blockade, and I would really like to come to both things x


I’ve made this public


+1 on Hinckley clash – a lot of the kind of people we’d like to come along on SV2 would also want to go to Hinckley. Plus, getting a bit cold by then (particularly if camping up hills in Wales!). Is an earlier date (early/mid september) possible?

Shall i set up a poll (similar to a doodle) for us to mark what dates in September work?


Yes! I love a good poll. And I want to come but am away the first week of September boo…


Doodle (or similar) is a good idea. Do it Max.

Can you do beginning of Oct as well and not just September please? And do you think it’s cool to send people an email about it and a deadline by which they have to fill it or is that too angry?

I need to know asap to book time off work as we have to do it far in advance (like, don’t know if I can get time off in Sept! Argh) so I have selfish motives for wanting to get a date set quickly…

So Re: location, Dan has possibly provisionally offered up his parent’s house for us to stay in/beside, this is in Anglesey near the big bridge i.e. near to bangor and mainland wales. There to Machynlleth is either a 70mile bike ride on nice cycle paths by the coast or 30 miles of that and then get on a train (so from Pwellelli or Cricceth get the train to Machynlleth). We can all stay on the floor in my house if needs be (indeed there is no garden to camp in). Then it is ten miles to Cara and Dan’s house (hint) possibly for a relaxing day two… or three… Or if Dan’s folks house to my house is a bit too beefy for one day we could find somewhere in the middle?

There’s a permaculture farm 15 miles west of Pwllelli who I know are friendly towards activisty cyclists willing to do a bit of work exchange…

Oh yeah Lammas too?

BUT I’m not super-attatched to the Wales idea at all, I can cycle in Wales any time, the distances may be a bit long for us to do much else, plus the north to south devon thing might be easier to get to for the majority of people?


Be nice to avoid Camp Frack as well (hydraulic fracking – it’s like… it’s like tar sands, but in Blackpool!) 17-18th September.


Choose yer dates at:


Hey hey! If we go with the south west option we should intercept / do / assist this:

It’s a bike led giant pinhole camera sustainability project thing.

If we miss those dates but still do the south west thing then I reckon we can stay at that chap who is running it’s house in Exmouth if that is anywhere near, or at least near, and have a sort of silent vitory talk thingy?