What is Network Engineer

3 ideas to coordinate the work of the network The network equipment and safety do not always agree on issues to be worked, for example if you include what you need if a network will be based mostly on speed and efficiency to work perfectly, while security on the other hand , you need to stop things and use applications with additional measures to optimize security measures. However, it is necessary to know how to coordinate the work of the network and security teams since both are part of the IT department, together they can act effectively against untimely risks, security breaches and other problems through their own objectives and expectations. According to David Vigna, director of practices of Cisco at Softchoice, it establishes that every day it becomes more important to coordinate the work of network and security teams, because business networks are becoming more complex and security problems are becoming more more common. Network Engineer, network security, in addition to the most modern information technology management techniques. Then, these 3 ideas to coordinate the work of the network and security teams can help a little. 1. Conflicting goals Conflicting goals are one of the main reasons why the work of the network and security teams is not executed in an adequate way, since the network teams focus mainly on availability and ease of use of the network, while security teams focus on possible risks and vulnerabilities. Certified professionals get better jobs! Therefore, for a team that focuses mainly on speed and availability, security can sometimes be seen as an obstacle to achieving that goal. In this way, this becomes a problem when network professionals think that security measures are the bureaucracy in the way of their processes to be carried out. 2. Construction of communication The best solution for this problem according to Vigna, is communication. It is never late to start communicating, the time to do so should not be after something bad has happened. Both the network and security teams must be prepared for preventive work, discussing ideas, trends and inconveniences from day to day in order to be always alert. Network teams should be proactive and give a hand to security workers regarding new projects. The suggestion is to invite new security professionals in the early stages of their work, in order to know or find possible risks before they need to intervene with more time. 3. Hire the right people A good employee does his job with a lower margin of error compared to a worker who does not meet the requirements for work, so that the network and security team perform an appropriate and enjoyable work must have different skills so that notice the need for each of them. During the process of the job interview, it can be highlighted if a network professional or a security professional fosters collaboration between both teams, if so, it can be of great help.