Aspiring actress - Chelsea's story part 4 Robs dillema

Keira had now taken her position, on her knees in front of the sofa, to not block Robs view of Micheal and Chelsea. She had suctioned the toy on the floor between her legs and was nervously hovering the tip against her opening, she had hoped that the tongue action up and down Rob’s cock, which she had to admit was very nice, along with her keeping eye contact with her phone camera, that he was holding would hide the fact it wasn’t inside.
Rob was more than aware, however he allowed her to continue the charade, he knew the rocking on the toy would help lube her and he didn’t want to hurt her. He focused the camera on her face as she took his cock pushing herself to take his whole length down her throat, her eyes watered and as she came back up for air his cock dripped with the lubrication she had added. She rose up sliding his soaking cock between her breasts, it had been the first time he had realised just how big the were compared to her frame. His cock sank into her cleavage, she squeezed with each of her hands surrounding his swollen cock. Her chest had been sticky with Chelsea’s cum but the wet cock was making her slippy again, she opened her mouth for the camera then lowered her head dribbling on to her tits and the head of Robs cock, she was beginning to enjoy herself.
You like the big cock, you little slut?" He loved talking dirty to her the power it gave him. She could only make a muffled sound but nodded her head signaling yes. Rob took the back of her head with his left hand, keeping the camera steady and forced her down his shift holding her there, her hands trying to push away off his thighs, her eyes looking at him as she struggled for air. She thought she would pass out, she felt the strength in her arms fade, her eyes began to fall back.
Is it bigger than Joe’s little slut" Rob smiled as he released her head, she pulled back a rope of precum and saliva still joining her mouth to his cock falling in the middle onto her chest. Not fully aware of her surroundings she just answered.
Much bigger sir" then an alright gasp of air and she screamed,